Back in the saddle

The trip up North was both disappointing and strangely comforting.
I spent the majority of the time with my brother Dale who took several days off and spent them with me. I saw a few friends but spent most of the time talking with Dale about projects the house needs but not being able to do anything about it during the cold and rainy weather.

After getting back home last night, today my orientation at work started. By the end of the day I had a pretty bad headache. Several possible reasons, one could be it was so over cooled in the room And I spent the day with my coat (thank God I wore one) on but the shivering made my neck tense. Another possibility was the angle my neck was turned for eight hours as most of the presenters stayed up front and to watch them or the screen I was half turned and leaning either forward or backward to see around my table mate. Then again part of it could have been because by the time I got put of there I was very hungry.

I had oatmeal as usual at 6:30 in the morning. The juice and bagels and sweetened yogurts they provided for breakfast were not something I even looked at because I ate at home. Granted If I had anticipated lunch I should have taken some of the fruit from breakfast to eat at lunch. Lunch was a boxed affair. Each one contained a sandwich, a cookie and sun chips. I ate the tuna salad off the croissant and that was lunch.

I went grocery shopping after work and then made Lori and I caesar salad and curry poached cod for dinner, either that or the excedrine has done wonders and the headache is subsiding.

The orientation was interesting, as was the people watching that I seem to do in these situations. A lot, most even, of the orientation was focused on patient care and the patient first policy. Even those of us not directly interfacing with the patients still have impact on their care and experience.

I am used to adapting and following dress codes….however no open toed shoes made me take pause as 90% of my shoes are open toe. I have no issue with the no jeans/capri/shorts and no showing of tattoos and I have enough business attire to make this work. Especially until I see if my department has any other policies that supersede these because of the work we do.

We were told we could not listen to headphones as we would not hear the “codes” being called, however there was a pair in the swag we were given upon leaving. Also the cell phone policy was pretty strict as it is a hospital. Only during your lunch and breaks can you use or even check your cell phone. Mine was on silent in my bag on the floor, however the other five people at my table had their phones on the table. One put it away when the policy was mentioned, two never touched them although they left them out and the other two not only texted and checked regularly, one texted all day right through the policy explanation.

Tomorrow more orientation in the morning then the actual job starts. I have to say I’m even more excited then before. The company seems like an awesome place. I am impressed with the history of the hospital, the vision and mission we are working towrd. I may not be giving one to one care, but it’s great to have work that can make a difference in someone’s life and their experience at quite possibly a difficult time.

3 Responses to “Back in the saddle”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Nice to hear that the job is still exciting (and not too frustrating).
    Have a great week.

    • V_Lo Says:

      Hey there. I’ve been thinking about you. Sorry about Nancy, I’m know it’s hard to loose your peers, especially when you’re still so young!!! Take care.

      Sent from my iPhone


  2. -br Says:

    ‘it’s great to have work that can make a difference in someone’s life and their experience at quite possibly a difficult time.’ that’s a beautiful thing, congrats again

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