4-days in

When I was laid off in 2008 I was lost, hurt and very confused.  I had no resume’ ready having never needing one before that seventeen year job.  I had no idea where to begin, what I had to offer or what I wanted to do.  I actually had no idea just how depressed I was for several months.

A few things I have learned over the last six years (HOLY CRAP SIX YEARS) is that new jobs are hard at first and it takes time to get comfortable.  I have actually gotten much better at handling that learning curve.  That it takes a few weeks to start to feel like your not completely out-of-place and a few months to feel like you actually know what you’re doing, how to answer questions without confirming with someone else and being able to work on your own.

I am now four days into this position.  The first day was spent in an all day orientation.  The second day began in orientation about benefits and then I moved on to my site and went through more orientation and set up.  Getting my desk and email set up.  Yesterday, day three was the first “work day”  It started with my having to go get my TB test checked and making an appointment for the 2nd round of tests.   I actually did some work as well, mostly catching up on logging a years worth of kronos time sheet edits for all of the employees in the department.  Then toward the end of the day when my co-worker was showing me a proof  that she was ready to clear, I pointed out that one of the signs didn’t have the correct gutters to back up correctly in the bracket…I felt like I was home.  My co-worker sent off the proof to the vendor to be fixed and was impressed by the catch.

Today was day four.  I felt like I got something done.  I had a few print jobs of my own.  Because I had to keep them separate and I am still unfamiliar with all of the sites and orders I made a quick spreadsheet to keep them all updated.  I got to work on type, on layout, production and hand trimming signs.  I felt right at home from all of the experience I have with printing.  Even though it has never been in this exact setting and only four days in I felt quite comfortable already.

I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday.  The last few “new” jobs I’ve had the first week was always so long, mostly because of feeling so out-of-place.  I won’t even start in about my commute, with all of the praise and exclamation I have about it, it would just sound like bragging.

One Response to “4-days in”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Best news of the day! Way to go! So glad it is working out.

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