Everything works out as it should

I don’t know what you would call this “theory” maybe “code” that my sister and I have always lived by.  Learning to not get to upset over things that don’t work out they was one hoped or planned.  (Of course Christmas time heart attacks involve a lot of upset-ness.)

But we don’t really worry about money, even when we have little or none.  Most general disappointments are greeted with our standard “it will all work out as it should”

Perhaps it is believing in a higher power or at least a higher plan.

Here is this months example.  Lori had one of her schools cancel as there were not enough students registered.  The thing that was disappointing was the missing income and that it is the closest school to the house.  As for the class, it was a night class twice a week that wouldn’t have her home until 11pm.  That also includes an immediate turn around to another class the next morning (both mornings actually).  It is also the most frustrating school for lack of support to the adjunct professors.  The Lab itself is frustrating and the students only have the class time to be in the lab so practicing and working on the programs on their own time is out.  Besides all of that it is the lowest paying of all of her schools.

It is a fine balance the optimist and the worrier (she is not a pessimist at all, just frets) and one can grow tired of the optimist always spouting “it will all be fine” and “everything will work out as it should” without any solid proof at all.  Just the ‘knowing’ that is ingrained, and the fact that it does all work out.

The first glimmer came when her on-line school contacted her for a class starting at the same time.  Granted that is only 6 weeks and not the 18 of the cancelled class but it eased that money panic just a little.

Today came the prize.  She was offered a class “Understanding Visual Art” at one of her other schools.  This is one of her favorite schools, it is the second closest to the house.  The class is on two days she is already there and is immediately after her morning class.  She will have a fifty-foot commute from one studio to another and still time to get to her afternoon class at a different school.

It is also teaching more Art.  The lead of the department called her tonight at home to chat about the class.   After having  found Lori’s website and C.V the fine art degree along with all of her experience squelched any doubts.  Lori is thrilled and I can tell by the fact this is the main topic of discussion and internet searches this evening as there is only a week to get a syllabus together.

So she lost her late night low-paying job for the semester.  But that allowed her to accept a much more exciting, creative and lucrative class in a better environment.

I am so thrilled for her and excited for the semester as I find her classes and stories of her students interesting.  I don’t ever have to even pull out the “I told you so” cause as I told her when she lost the class.  “It will all work out as it should, don’t worry, if it’s just money that your losing I will be making more and we will still be exactly where we have been”  which is a good place!

4 Responses to “Everything works out as it should”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    What a blessing to read this. On the spiritual side, the bible has a verse:
    Romans 8:28. My mother lived by that verse. It is printed on her headstone. The best to Lori as she prepares a new syllabus. Sounds (yesterday) like your new job is a “winner”, too, so you will no doubt have a great weekend. (Go Seahawks!)

  2. Katherine Says:

    Yay! Nice to read this (from one fretter to yours).

  3. Amber Says:

    I’m so happy things for you and Lori are going so well. Love and miss you both!!!

  4. -br Says:

    “it will all work out as it should’ . . . Aha! – now I know what’s behind those nerves of steel, sweet, calm, cool and caring disposition, nice mantra

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