This post really is about the entire weekend but ummm SUPERBOWL!

We had company coming over for brunch on Sunday and there is nothing more motivating than having company.

Friday after work we met at the home depot right by my work and bought another bin of gravel.  We also walked through the nursery department to look at any of the plants on clearance or sale.  We ended up picking up some plants for the back yard.  Until now the work in the back yard has been a lot of building, the fence, the shed and deck but slow going on planting.  Most planting was just of cuttings and donated starts.

Saturday was a very busy day, so busy that by the end my pedometer had me at over 23,000 steps for the day.  Unloading the gravel, figuring out where to plant our new plants, digging up the dead grass and roots and getting the plants in the ground.  We also did some sweeping up, weeding and general yard care.  Once we were all done we went out and did some grocery shopping so I could prep for brunch.

While I prepped what I could for this morning and cleaned the kitchen Lori set up some new reading lamps we bought for the bedroom and cleaned the bathroom and picked up the house.  We went to bed with a clean house, re-arranged bedroom, newly planted back yard.

Today Gretchen and Steve came by for brunch.  I made baked french toast, roasted veggie frittata, fruit salad, caprese salad and roasted potatoes.  Needless to say, we will have plenty of food for a few days.  We all had a lovely visit and got caught up.  I hadn’t seen them since they were here last June for Lori’s birthday.  It was very exciting to show off the front yard, the garage, the shed and the oasis… has been a very busy year.

photo(259)  photo(260)  photo(262)

The Bronco’s were winning while we all sat out in the ridiculous 85 degree January day visiting.  The SeaHawks were up next and I was sick to my stomach I was so nervous.  Dale and I predicted the Broncos and the SeaHawks in the Super Bowl since the pre-season games.

The game was nerve-racking.  So much so that even the usual game day texting with Leslie, Dale and Taylor was pretty non-existent during most of the game.  There were some sketchy calls, it happens.  We have been on both ends of sketchy calls but we are SUPERBOWL bound!

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