Blog about the job

Blog about the job, blogaboutthejob!!!

After several emails and inquiries regarding the new job I have actually received several “blog about the job” requests.

What can I say, I am so busy and overwhelmed it’s kind of crazy.  It feels like baptism by fire which is exactly how I learned financial printing so that bodes well in the long run.

The office is very busy.  There are several new fires each day and most supersede the project or previous fire I am working on.  There is also no spare time for anyone to sit down and go through each project with me so a lot of figuring it out as I go.

I work with a very sweet woman who explains everything with thorough stories and history.  She also has worked alone for a long time and talks to herself, about everything. She talks through every task she is doing.  Here is just a for instance from today while I was in the back trimming some signage.  I could hear her talking her way through the Staples order she was putting away.  When I walked close enough to hear the end of the conversation she was at “this is a very nice box, I think I’ll keep it, guess I’ll go put it in the storage closet, oh I forgot to turn off the light last time I was in here.”

She sits right next to me, so last week I told her that if she is talking to me she will have to say my name because I am tuning her out.  After the first day and my saying “excuse me” or “what” or some other indication that I thought she was talking to me I realized she just narrates everything as she goes.

There are several teams of maintenance men and we send them work orders throughout the day as different facilities call with stuck doors or broken lights or slow draining sinks and backed up toilets.  Those are all actually from today.  We are also working on several remodels, lots of signage, patient compliance cabinets and furniture orders.

Needless to say I am busy.  I do love being busy and for being less than two weeks in I am handling quite a bit on my own.  I am sure within a month I will be indispensable.  For now I will just keep running through the day tackling everything that comes along and dreaming about the jobs in my sleep.

I do have to mention just one more time that my commute is amazing!  Amazing!

2 Responses to “Blog about the job”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Tee hee hee. Loved every word. (Did not read it aloud). I know you can do anything! Have a good weekend that is coming up.

  2. Amber Says:

    Sounds like a nice lady, but man that would annoy me something fierce!!! Can you wear headphones while you work? lol

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