Saturday Wore Me Out

Today wore me out.  Not last Saturday were we unloaded gravel, worked in the garden, moved over 23,000 steps and worked all day, that day was nothing compared to today.

Today we went shopping, shopping for clothes.  I needed new shoes, closed toe basic black because all of my open toe shoes can’t be worn at work.  I also needed new work pants and shirts if I could find them.  Lori was specifically in need of a pair of trousers to complete the wedding outfit for Tonya and Briana’s wedding in March.

We went to several stores and spent all day shopping, I was not blessed (or cursed) with the shopping gene.  By the time we got to Nordstrom Rack I told Lori I was at 85%, as in nearly D.O.N.E with the public.  I ended up with ten things in that dressing room.  None of them worked but in this last stop Lori did find the pants she needed and they are perfect.

We still needed to go grocery shopping and on the way to Sprouts we swung into Costco for the few things we get there, by the time we finished I was done, so grocery shopping will have to be tomorrow.

It was a frustrating day trying on clothes that just don’t fit.  My top half and bottom half do not wear the same sizes.  Shirts are the worst.  If they fit in the sleeves, shoulders and waist it will not button over my chest.  If it buttons over my chest it is just too big everywhere else.

It wasn’t all a waste, I got great shoes, two pair of pants and one knit shirt for work.  The search for button shirts will have to go on another day, maybe next month, like I said I don’t have that shopping gene.

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