First day of school

I went to work today in new shoes, new pants and a new shirt.  To top off that first day of school feeling I was carrying a new notebook, graph paper and mechanical pencil I bought this weekend to try and get my head around my new job functions.  My job is into the third week.  That middle time when I still don’t know what I am doing but am familiar enough that I feel like I should be getting more accomplished.

Currently everything is a fire.  The trick is to know which is the current four-alarm fire and to keep an eye on conditions and know to recognize when fuel is being added to a mere two-alarm and catching it before the fires merge.

On another note, it actually was the first day of school for Lori.  One of the schools has been going since the begging of the month and she has classes there Monday through Thursday.  But the other three schools she teaches in started this week.  It made for a very busy weekend of preparation.

2 Responses to “First day of school”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    I always found that new clothes, a new plan book (and new crayons) always helped the beginning of a new year.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Kind of a comment on your earlier post too, but I’ve come to hate shopping anymore. Nothing fits. Everything is made so cheaply and/or costs a kajillion dollars and only comes in 14 vibrant shades of burnt sienna. Glad you were able to find a few things and get that “back to school” feeling. Miss you. 🙂

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