Shop at CVS!!


The CVS pharmacy has taken up a new policy to stop selling tobacco products.  This move is expected to cost them nearly 2 billion dollars in revenue each year.

I am not a regular CVS shopper, in fact I don’t really go to any drug store regularly.  But from here forward I will be taking my pharmacy/drug store purchases to a CVS store when I can!  My possibly 30 bucks a year in drug store purchases isn’t much but I’ll do what I can to support this move.

I have a “no smoking” soap box that I pull out regularly when people I love are smoking and inhaling all the toxins and chemicals.  As a grown person I have watched my grandfather die of emphysema.  Both my grandmother and my aunt die of lung cancer and COPD. But the most disturbing was when I was a kid and I watched my great aunt’s mouth rot away from tongue and lip cancer.

It is a horrible addictive substance.  The chemicals that are put in keep people addicted.  People I know and love have quit.  My brothers and most recently my niece Amber has been a non smoker for over a month.

I am heading up to Washington next weekend, an emergency trip because a beloved family member suffering from COPD is not doing so well.

So to sum up this disjointed post… at CVS and give Amber a shout out!!!

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2 Responses to “Shop at CVS!!”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Amen,Val! I am grateful that my mom quit smoking when she did, or I’m sure she would have died a decade ago. Her stopping bought us a lot of great years.

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