My Sunday

This weekend brought to you by domestic stylings.  I spent a good deal of time finishing the 850 page Stephen King book I have been reading for a couple of weeks.  Lori had a design presentation to put together for a class that she is the guest lecturer for Monday night.  Besides grading papers and preparing for this weeks classes she also had a ‘client’ come by to work on a logo.  The client is a long time friend but that didn’t change the fact that they worked at just the basics and tag line for several hours on Saturday.

I sat in our lovely oasis in the sun and read my book.  I had nearly finished and should have just stayed up late and got it over with because instead I dreamt about the plot as I was just at the turning/climax of the story.

We were up early as the presentation took a backseat to the freelance work yesterday.  I made breakfast, stripped the bed, did five loads of laundry, replaced a missing button, organized the sewing basket, made lunch and finished the book!!

Now that all five loads are put away and I have settled on the next book to start I pulled Ahi out of the freezer for dinner and will be starting that soon.

I did step out this morning to go get tea and as I was leaving saw the orange cap of a hypodermic needle in our garden.  So depressing. We get a lot of garbage in the yard, mostly flyers that get stuck in the doors around here and then blow away.  There is also candy wrappers that usually blow in but this was just so sad.

When I got back I went out to deal with it and found the it were three, three hypodermic needles in my front yard…one clearly had blood in it.  I don’t have a “sharps” container like around every corner at work but I wrapped them good and tossed them because I didn’t want to figure out what I should do and I didn’t want to handle them or even look at them more than I needed too.

On the heals of Phillip Seymour Hoffman last week and the battle against drugs some family and loved ones have faced it was all just too sobering for 8 in the morning.

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