Heading home

Airplane travel is not so bad when the bag you bring is the size of a large purse. Actually what I put the few things I took was a thermal zipper picnic bag but it is smaller than some of the purses on board.

No a la carte bag no over head space needed. Just get on, take out my book and push the bag under the seat in front of me.

Granted, there is still the crying baby in the seat behind me who once the plane was in the air has had one or the other parent pacing the aisle with him. I am in the exit row which has tons of leg room. My feet are completely stretched out and don’t even touch my picnic bag. Granted the guy next to me chose this seat because he is big and tall and big. Unfortunately for me I got a great shot of his hairy butt crack near my face as he was trying to settle in.

But the bag part and nothing checked part is great.

I can’t read my book over the screaming baby so I thought I would recap the weekend.

I went up solely to see Sara. I went straight there once I had my rental car and crawled onto her bed with her. We snuggled and talked. I petted her hair and combed it out and braided it. It was a wonderful visit. Difficult yes, she is pissed and scared and not ready to die. We reminisced a lot about Brian and the years we’ve been in each other’s lives.

I hung out on her bed for six hours or so before heading to my house and having dinner with my brother, watching the Winter Olympics and sleeping. Then I met up with Katherine for breakfast which was perfect. We went to the place we always used to go. We chatted about life and the theatre coming together and my job and got all caught up or as caught up as possible in a couple of hours. I then headed back to Sara’s and crawled right back into bed. She was more tired on Sunday and took several small naps. But David came by with food as did Brett and Amber so I visited with them between the naps. I painted Sara’s fingernails and spent the entire day with her again. Sara is having up and down days. All I can hope is she is there next time I head up, I am so glad I got to spend the weekend with her.

Today while I was getting checked in to fly home she left me a voicemail. Confused about when I was coming out or going home. I will have to call and check in once I’m on the ground. For now I’m glad Johnnie and Aud both fly in next week and John will have some support and help.

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  1. Mom’s | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Next week is mothers day.  I missed seeing Sara last year because I had moved but it was the first mothers day I missed in twenty years.  It doesn’t look like she will make it until next weekend and after thinking about it while working all weekend even if she does I will not be there.  I don’t think she will even notice if she is still here and I really just want to remember her from my last visit a couple of months ago. […]

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