So I turned 49 today.  I had quite the birthday with lots of texts, emails, phone calls, flowers, cards and celebration.  In fact nearly 10 PM, I’m just getting home from dinner out with a friend and finally gave Shelly a call to return the mutual birthday wishes.

Forty-Nine is weird.  I knew it was coming and have been thinking about it simply because my mom was 49 when she died.  I was 25 when that happened and today when I was wishing my niece Taylor a happy 25th birthday the similarity was not lost on me.  I will enjoy this year but I am really looking forward to turning 50 in 364 more days!  Thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes.

photo(271) photo(272)

3 Responses to “49”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Happy almost-50, Val!

  2. -br Says:

    D@mn missed it by a day, Happy B-day a day late, next year I’m going to get the day right! Here’s wishing all the best for you and yours, xxoo

  3. Katherine Says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I’m your date-challenged biggest fan. I’m sorry I’m late. Glad to hear you had a good day and others remembered on time.

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