My mom either didn’t live long enough to have hot flashes or she didn’t complain about it or I was too young and wrapped up in my own life to pay any attention.  (Yea probably that last one)

I do remember teasing her when she would cry at AT&T commercials.  Because she was always tearing up at emotional things and those commercials are designed to sucker punch you.  But I now know she had no control over it….hormones are amazing little bastards.

How do I know, because I. Am. Now. My. Mother.  Tearing up for obvious and not so obvious reasons, or no reason whatsoever.  Gotta give it to those hormones, they seem to be in control.  I haven’t been 49 for a week yet, besides the hormones, I swear the hot flashes turned on like a switch. Literally like someone flipped a switch.

Previously (pre 49- per last week) I had experienced maybe a dozen hot flashes in total.  None of them to serious and I thought, Ha – this will be nothing, I got this.  I mean I can get into a hot car and adjust pretty easily.  I thought I had  pretty high tolerance to cold and heat extremes.  But this is different….this is hot from the inside, this hot is crazy making!  I have had over a dozen hot flashes every day since last week.  Sleeping has been very trying as there has also been another dozen every single night as I play the hokey pokey with blanket all night long.

Now that I have it out there and have put on and taken back off my sweatshirt while typing this, I will take my menopause back into the private realm.





2 Responses to “Naivete’”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Like someone lit the gas furnace in your middle. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so disruptive. And the random crying, with no warning, that just tumbles out of one’s face. Yeah, good times. There are other things too. Like, I’ve never been so randy in my life. I feel like people can see it when they look at me. Welcome to the hormone roller coaster. Fasten your seat belt! 🙂

  2. canyon cottage Says:

    I can relate to this, I found a product that was helpful. This is the closest thing I can find now, I had the worst of mine when I was, um 49, a few years ago now I just turned 54, and I still get them just not nearly as often. When I used it, it was called “Hot flash aid” I think this is similar.

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