I have written a blog about the sound of a helicopter so many times in my brain that I just went looking for the blog to reference…..but alas, it is not written.  I was young, 26, and I had to go to LA for work.  To shorten this story let me just say I spent the night in a bad not so great part of downtown, in my rental car.  There were homeless people staring in the window during the night, several tried the door but mostly I remember the helicopters overhead all night long.  To say that every time I hear a helicopter I think of that night would be an understatement, because literally every time I hear a helicopter I go back to that night.

But this actually wasn’t what this blog was going to be about.  Monday at work, working away and the sound of a helicopter, which is not uncommon.  At first I thought it was just going over, but it had that same hovering sound.  A co-working looked outside and there were cop cars blocking our street.  Then the sound of loud-speaker in the helicopter saying “we have you surrounded, we will find you.”  We then got a call from the building next door that the cops were not letting patients in or out, their building and our building were on lock down.  It lasted for an hour, a very long hour.  The helicopter was gone about two minutes before the call came in that we were clear.

That was Monday, on Wednesday when I drove to work I could not turn down our block, it was blocked by police cars..  I bypassed it and turned around only to find out that it was taped off right on both sides of our driveway.  I went up to the corner and got a tea and started to walk back to work only  to see that half way there they were taking down the tape.  I got the truck and drove in.  There had been a shooting and some poor kid lost his life because he was out at 2:00 in the morning, tagging our driveway.  The cops were in our office pouring over the footage for several hours that morning.  It was only later that I found out my over extended boss had left work at 2:30 in the morning.  It was actually taped off when she left and they had to let her out.

Today while sitting in my truck (in this same parking lot) reading my book and having lunch a helicopter flew over……  I decided I had enough work that I would cut my thirty minute lunch down to twenty and head back inside.

One Response to “PTSD…..perhaps”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hugs. We need to get you into a helicopter for a beautiful ride over some amazing place so you have a new association with that sound. 🙂

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