It rained

Did you hear?  It rained here in Southern California.  It has rained for days now and we so need it.  These two shots are of our patio yesterday afternoon.  It flooded with each and every squall because there was no where for it to go.  At first it would drain off by the time the next rain started but today even though it only rained a little it is still a little flooded.  However, our garden is very very happy.  Including all of the weeds that have emerged this week from the added water.

Everything is green, blue, clean, bright.  The air, the trees, flowers, grass, everything just pops.  Because the dust has been washed off everything.  There have been lots of wrecks however and mud slides where there were wild fires in January.

We need so much more rain but by the end of this week we are looking at the 80’s again.  By then we might be caught up at work from all of the problems that this rain brought up.  Work in facilities is quite something when it rains in a city that is not used to rain.  Leaky windows, slippery tile, fallen branches, leaky ceilings, falling awnings and parts of roofs.  Friday was a crazy day at work, one work order after another, re-directing the maintenance teams to the most serious problems were.

photo(273) photo(274)

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