Quite Sharp

My job is hard.  I wanted a job to be busy and challenging and I have that in spades.

Being that I am half way through my ninety days, I asked for some feedback and guidance on what to focus on.

Seems I am doing “great” “jumping right in and figuring things out” and today director from another department told my boss I am “very sharp.”

But there is so very much to learn and although I am plugging through I often feel lost and a bit overwhelmed.  This leads to dreaming about work and I know this because since I am awake what seems to be every hour with a damn hot flash, I wake up thinking about work.

It is hard to believe I have only been there six weeks, it seems like I have been there months.  My co-workers must feel the same way because they are constantly forgetting that I have not yet learned or been exposed to (fill in the blank.)  By the time I do hit ninety days I should be a pro!


One Response to “Quite Sharp”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hugs. Thinking about you.

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