Busy.Busy.Busy.Busy.Day Light Savings

We flew into Washington on Thursday night.  Getting to the car rental place and the “standard” car I had reserved was now a “compact”  grumble grumble grumble for about 15 seconds….maybe actually 7.5 seconds.  We turned the corner and in the “compact” row was a brand new Fiat.

photo(275) We drove out to Covington in this cute little car, our two bags (one in the backseat, one in the trunk) and met with Tonya and Briana.  While we discussed the plan for the weekend it was mentioned that the niece who was going to fill in the wedding license in calligraphy had broken her wrist and I opened my mouth and volunteered.

Friday after practicing and filling in the license there was just enough time to get ready to be picked up for the rehearsal dinner.  Dinner was at the other “best person’s” house Patti.  Patti and Lori were in the wedding and this was the first meeting as we had not been in town for any of the planning.  All of our information and planning was via Skype and email.

Saturday we headed to Tacoma early.  There was crazy rain and lots of traffic, we wanted to get lunch and still be early.  We got to the venue about 12:20 and waited for people to start arriving about 1:00.  I was going to be hanging lights and helping with the decorations.

However a few minutes into unloading it was discovered that an important bin of decorations was left in Covington.  I was off light hanging duty and heading in my zoom zoom little Fiat to Covington.  Crazy rain and mid day Tacoma traffic, it took me an hour to gt out there, but the way back was only about 40 minutes because traffic was better.

Photos were starting when I got back, I did what I could to help decorate but they were down to just the missing bin I brought.  So I changed into my dress.  The wedding was beautiful and very unique.  Once the wedded couple were gone there was some frantic un-decorating and loading and we headed home getting there about midnight.

The next morning was half over thanks to Day-Light Savings and I was even more thankful I had been up a few weeks ago to see Sara, I had maybe 3 free hours and with 45 minute drive each way to Magnolia it just wasn’t feasible.  We went to breakfast with Dale and then off to return the fun little Fiat and to the airport.

Today I am feeling very exhausted, the travel, the time change and what feels like zero down time…..I’m counting down to this coming weekend where we collectively have nothing on the calendar!


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