Blow-Dryer effect

It is probably in poor taste to talk about the warm weather when it looks like major parts of the country are in round 8 of the fight that is this winter.  But here goes….

So you have heard the term “wind-chill”  when it is actually 30 degrees but the wind makes it feel like your nose fell off its 15 degrees.

Well I am not sure what you call the wind, specifically the Santa Ana winds when it is already mid 80’s outside.  But yesterday it felt like a blow dryer outside.  This does not bode well for my hot flashes….or that I have four yards of garden mix being delivered on Saturday to fill the raised garden bed.  The forecast for Saturday and Sunday is 89 degrees.  I am hoping the Santa Ana winds have subsided so we do not have the blow dryer effect.

We finished the garden bed a couple weeks ago, right before the massive rain we had for three. whole. days.  HA

One Response to “Blow-Dryer effect”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Of course I am hoping for pictures of your week-end work 🙂

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