photo(280)When I started this blog earlier this evening, it was about how we didn’t finish moving the dirt today.  That instead when we got up we headed to the beach for breakfast and then walked in the shore leaving with wet cuffs full of sand.  We stopped at the nursery and I spent a great deal of time with my nose in this wisteria.  In fact all that was done of that blog earlier was emailing myself the photo.

After the beach we wondered around an antique store looking at desks and then went grocery shopping.  Being that when we got home it was the middle of the day and 92 degrees we did not move the dirt.

Lori worked on fixing the code of a clients website all afternoon and just when I was starting the blog she needed a break from the computer and out we headed and ta-da we got the rest of the dirt moved.  I planted the herb starts all in their own little garden.  I also got the tomato starts and the jalapeno start in.  Seeds will have to go in tomorrow after work as we were about out of light and certainly out of energy.  But we have a garden!

photo(281)  photo(282)

3 Responses to “Ta-Da”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    A wonderful start to your raised beds!

  2. Katherine Says:

    Nice! Jealous. I poured all day here yesterday. I never got out of my PJs.

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