Shoehorning everything into the weekend

Just how much can we shoehorn into the weekend you ask?  Oh you didn’t ask…..well you might as well quit reading now as this will be the 878th weekend review written here.

Friday night after a very long, tough week I got home without the desire or energy to cook so out we went to dinner.  Without any brain power to even decide where to go we went to a nearby Mexican place that we will not be returning to.  But the margarita I had was pretty decent and it sort of took the edge off the week, (sorta).

Saturday morning we headed out to H&R block as Lori had an 11:00 a.m. appointment.  I went in as a walk in as the two states and two returns was not something I even wanted to attempt.  I actually didn’t even try.  But my taxes are done, and this year I don’t have to pay!!!  After the taxes were done we were in the area of a couple used furniture places and went looking for a desk.  We ended up heading to Ikea and then with some false information regarding inventory we headed to a different Ikea.  The desk we were going for wasn’t there either but we ended up with a different one that goes well in our small house and matches the bookshelves we have.  Once home we put the desk together, always fun with Ikea furniture and rearranged some furniture to fit it in.  So if that isn’t enough, we drove up to Home Depot and got 1000 pounds of 3/8″ gravel for the back yard.

Sunday was just as busy.  Most of it in the yard.  We started early and weeded the back yard.  There was no use putting the rest of the gravel down on  weeds that were coming up.  We spent three or four hours weeding and planting some new succulents we picked up Saturday….oh hey I missed that part.  Saturday we swung into a nursery after the 2nd Ikea and before getting home.  To continue Sundays events we weeded and then unloaded the gravel into the backyard.  Then came the fork in the road.  The plan was to go see the Frida Kahlo photography exhibit but we decided to go get a second bag of gravel.  We unloaded that bag and then I planted more in the garden.  I put in lettuce, spinach, peas, beets, beans, radish, onion and cilantro seeds.  We cleaned up all of our mess and put the patio back together with just enough time to sit and enjoy it for a few minutes.

We then cleaned up and headed to Long Beach to meet up with a friend of Lori’s.  We met at his condo that is on the beach and sat visiting watching the ocean, such an amazing view!  We then walked to dinner and had a lovely dinner and evening on a school nite, so to speak.  Actually it wasn’t a school nite, yes I had to work today but there was no School as Lori is on Spring break.

At the temp job before this actual full-time job, I could cram all kinds of stuff into the weekend and go back to work exhausted as the job didn’t take much brain power.  This job however is taxing and I am so busy, there is no recuperating from the weekend on Monday morning.

photo 1(2) photo 2(2) photo 3(1) photo 4(1)

One Response to “Shoehorning everything into the weekend”

  1. canyon cottage Says:

    Yard looks great!!! As I have said before, I wish I had your energy!!

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