Shake Shake Shake

There has been so much going on this week.  Work is crazy busy.  Training for a half marathon I have signed up for this coming October has started.  The tree out front was trimmed on Friday (and by trimmed, it is half the tree it used to be and now so much more of a tree).  We went out with friends to dinner last night to celebrated a sixtieth birthday.  We sent to the Museum of Latin American Art and saw the Frida Kahlo photo exhibit.  Oh and there was an earthquake on Friday night.

We had gone out to dinner in Fullerton on Friday, to our favorite sushi place.  Fullerton is a couple little cities away and right next to the city that had the earthquake.  We were on our way home when the first foreshock happened and we had no idea.  Soon after we were home Lori felt the next foreshock.  It was a small one and I did not feel it.  However thirty minutes later came the actual earthquake.

Now I have been in a few earthquakes in Washington and one in Wellington New Zealand even, but this was different.  Simply in the way that it was loud!  It was growling or rumbling or something, but shocking for sure.  Lori grabbed my hand and pulled me to the front door and we stood there with my heart racing. My ears were competing for the external sound of the earthquake and the internal sound of my heart racing!

Lori looked up the location and size and it was LaHabra…..where we had just driven through.  We checked on friends, friends checked on us and mostly I sat there, waiting for the next one.

Two of the dozens of aftershocks woke me up, or at least I think that’s what woke me.  I’m not sure I completely slept.  We have no damage, including one potted plant that fell over is just fine.  There are still lots of aftershocks and we are not feeling them.  Unless you count the phantom ones I think I keep feeling.

Since there are no pictures of the earthquake or the shaking, instead here are before and after pictures of the cedar tree in our front yard.

imagejpeg_0(2)  imagejpeg_0  imagejpeg_0(1)


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