Sunday started with a banana on the way to a 9:00 am yoga class.  I have been trying to find a yoga studio that fits with my work schedule but haven’t found any yet.  This studio is close to work but the evening class I want to go to starts at 4:30 and that is when I get off work.  The next class is at 6:00 and I don’t want to hang out for 90 minutes or drive home and then back……anyway, this mornings yoga.

It was very nice to get some practice in.  Not the best yoga class I have ever taken, and not the worst.  It was a Vinyasa class but the transitions from pose to pose were rough.  The Vinyasa sequence was not one I have ever experienced and I had a hard time staying focused.  The instructor used very few names for the poses so I kept having to look up to see what the heck he was talking about.  For example instead of saying Utkatasana or even just  chair pose he started with stand with the feet apart, raise your arms, bend your knees….that would be about the time I knew where he was headed.

This sounds all like a complaint but it is not.  It was great to get a class in, focus on breathing and get back on my mat.

The rest of the day was very balanced a good reflection of how the day started.  I managed to clean the kitchen, one of those cleanings where I got the sides of the stove and refrigerator even.  I did the laundry, made a quick trip to Costco, watered my garden and marveled at all the veggies coming up and made Salmon for dinner.  But it seems like most of the day I played on my iPad, watched TV and read.

photo(286) photo(285) photo(283) photo(287)


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