On a dime

That is the saying right.  Things turn on a dime.  There is no better definition of this than our weekend.

photo(288)Saturday we got up, had breakfast, showered and headed out for the day.  The first stop was the library book sale.  Everything you can fit into a paper bag for $5.00  Exactly in our budget!  For two people who read a lot, several books or topics at a time for Lori….I think she is reading four books that have nothing to do with the books she reads for class.  I rarely have more than two books going at a time but have read at least ten so far this year and am close to finishing two more.

So we wondered around for a bit and both filled a bag, we left after spending ten dollars and picking up twenty-eight books.

We then headed out to buy flowers.  Lori spent the afternoon working on the structure for an Ikebana arrangement that she is putting into the cherry blossom festival in a few weeks.

We headed out to buy a dowel to put the two large branches together.  We were discussing the plan for the rest of the day and weekend….possibly taking out the easement in front of the house.  We got in the truck and Lori had a four-hour old message from her mom’s neighbor and her mom was in the hospital.

Insert the dime here.  Clothes changed, gas tank filled up, an hour and a half drive nearly to palm springs.  Readers digest version as it is not my story to tell but her mom passed before the night was over.  We drove home getting in about 1am and then back the next day to start to sort out the house and the dogs and the bills and it will be several months of our weekends.

Well except next weekend.  We are heading to Seattle.  We will only be there for 36 hours or so.  My sister and nieces are driving down as we haven’t seen them since last July.  I plan on getting chores done and pool chemicals procured.  Collect hugs and energy, bottle it up and bring it back to last the next few months of driving and working.

4 Responses to “On a dime”

  1. Della Says:

    I’ve got your hugs ready!

  2. Amber Says:

    Me tooooo!

  3. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    I will give you “air hugs” since you will be way too busy to leisurely trot off to Renton!
    So sorry for Lori’s loss. I just attended my last Aunt’s memorial Saturday. The minister read the poem, “The Dash”. Look it up on Google.
    I was so worried not hearing and figured you were extremely busy!
    Take care, my friend.

  4. -br Says:

    It is a precarious state we all live in and on a dime is the phrase, so sorry. Who knows I could get a wild hare (yeah I think the phrase refers to bunnies) and venture up just to give you a hug next weekend. You and Lori are both in my thoughts.

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