It seems that someone(s) got into the back yard by cutting the string around the lock or scaling the gate. Then they opened the window between the gym and the living room.  Carefully moving the books on the top shelf on the other side and climbing over the bookshelf.  At that they broke the top shelf.

IMG_4396 It seems they tossed the place, not that there was much to take.

IMG_1286Clearly they were looking for cash, jewelery and electronics.  My brother has a desk top computer which they left behind and since my laptop and iPad are here in California there was none of that.  They did take my brothers bowl of change getting away with a single euro a Canadian 5 dollar bill all total about eight bucks in change.

They pulled boxes off my shelf and found……photos.  Another bin they pulled out and dumped to find……hats and scarfs.  They went through my nearly empty dresser drawers because all that is there are work cloths.  Oh and my “toy” box…..don’t even know what to think about that.

I may have lost some pearls.  I think they were still up there.

What we know they took for sure, my telescope, leaving the tri-pod and some booze.  Only way to tell are the empty spots on the bar.

IMG_2900 IMG_2178 IMG_8173

Good thing I’ll be there this weekend to deal with the shelf and put stuff back.  For some reason it all just makes me laugh.  All that work and they must have been disappointed.  It looks like they left all the CD’s and DVD’s along with the DVD players and all of our TV’s are the big boat anchor types so they were left as well.

IMG_7845The important things….no one was home, Dale came home to find this mess and Spyder was just fine.  They left him alone and I bet he barked his little bark all over them.

Now to fix the shelf.  Consider a lock on the gym.  Sturdy up the locks on the gates and buy more dowels for the windows.

5 Responses to “Burgeld”

  1. Della Says:

    I’ll be there to shuttle you up to Lowe’s if you need it 🙂

  2. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Well, this is the second time this week I have read about such! It just makes me sick and angry when someone comes in and steals!! Barb Nilson had her home out in the woods broken into this week as well. The took an antique cash register and other things.
    I am so glad you stated ” it all just makes me laugh”, that makes my heart not hurt quite so badly.
    Have a great week-end up here.

  3. Katherine Says:

    Well, frick and frack. Glad they didn’t get anything of much value but curses at them for violating your home and Dale’s space. Not cool at all.

  4. Viv Says:

    Wow! I guess I need to read your blog more often. I’m glad no one was there.

  5. Progress | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] Well today was the day.  The report from my siblings is the fumigation and cleaning up the crawl space, vents and insulation is all done.  From what Della tells me they even hauled away the broken pipes that were abandoned under the old vapor barrier AND the broken bookshelf from the damn burglary.  […]

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