Burgled updated

While at home this weekend I was able to see more that is missing.  Some binoculars, a set of pears and my flute.  Luckily I brought my guitar down in January as my carry-on.  I brought the binoculars I like best with me to California and I clearly didn’t wear the pearls although they are real and were my moms.  The bummer for me was the flute, granted I didn’t play it anymore but I remember the sacrifice my mom made to pay for each month.

Dale put dowels in all of the windows, including the 2nd story.  I found the key to the gym and marked it so we could lock that door.  Then once we had left Dale continued to secure the house.  He bought a cable for the gate instead of the string we used to open it from the outside.  The string was always wrapped around the lock except on days we were going in and out.  This cable wraps around as well, but can’t be cut like the string was.

He then secured the side gate so it can’t be kicked in and put a deterrent across the gate where they broke in.  Of course ADT showed up with the “we heard someone in the neighborhood was burglarized” line that always makes we think they sent the burglar ahead to create more business.

IMG_3377 IMG_9262 IMG_9009IMG_3911


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