busy busy

Saturday we spent the day up in Calimesa.  We left home about 8:00 a.m. and got home about midnight.  Four hours of that was travel time and lunch but we got twelve hours of work in at the house.  I packed up the kitchen items in boxes and threw away things that were broken or not useable.  Lori worked in the living room.  Cleaning, sorting and packing up items.

We are still looking for a home for Sadie.  We got a few pictures of her but the moment she noticed the camera she tucked her head and tail and went outside.  She wouldn’t come back to us for any reason.  It took a couple of hours for her to even come near me again.

So although we are still looking for a home for her there will not be any more photos, she has been through enough.

We are thinking she is part lab and part chow, perhaps some German Shepard.  Very Sweet.

Today we chose to not go back up.  Instead we cleaned our own house, I did laundry and weeded while Lori worked on school prep and had a client come by for logo work.  Busy Busy Busy and back to the work week in just a few hours.  G’night.

photo(289) photo(290) photo(291) photo(292)

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