Weather ~ Gardening

It is supposed to be in the 91 tomorrow, 93 on Wednesday, and 94 on Thursday.  Way to take out April.

I am not having as good of luck with my garden as I had hoped.  The starts I bought, onion, tomato and jalapeno are all just fine.  Its the seeds that are not coming up (except peas and beans, they are hanging on.)  Or they come up but are then gone and I really think I just don’t (yet) know how to water in this “Spring” weather.  For decades the easiest part of the garden season has been Spring for me.  In the Great Pacific Northwest, not having enough water has never been an issue.

I took a new approach and watered super deep on Sunday, I am putting in more seeds (because I have them) and going to water in the evenings to see if that keeps them moist longer as the garden dry’s out during the day.  If these seeds don’t take I am going for starts!

One another note, my roma tomato plant is exploding with fruit and it will not be long before there are tomatoes just in the back yard.

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