One of those days

What a day.  I had to start at a different campus.  We bought a new Medical Office Building this week and we are taking over and trying to get everything up and running from a new cleaning service, landscapers, security and on this nearly 100 degree day the faulty air conditioner.  I was just there to measure and take photos.  It didn’t take very long but by the time I got into the office I had lost an hour of desk time.  We are so crazy busy an hour it is a lot.

However, no matter how busy we are, there is no overtime.  So at 4:30 I headed out for the day and went to Costco.  It is not on the way but makes more sense to go after work then to go home and then back.  It took no time to get there or pick up the six items I needed.  Getting home from there was another matter as the afternoon commute was on.  By the time I got home and got everything unloaded I pulled in the garbage cans it was 6:00 and my phone was ringing.

I spoke to my cousin for nearly an hour.  She wanted to run some health directives by me and ask me to take her dog if she were to die.  She is sick, she has been sick for a long time and doesn’t want to end up with any extensive life saving measures.  After an hours worth of “I Love You’s” and “Thank You’s” and “I’m sorry’s” we hung up.  I put a note in my calendar to call her next Thursday after her blood work.

It would have been easy to blow off my run at that point, it was 7:15 and still bloody hot out.  But I did it anyway, it was not the best run but it still counts.  It was hard to breath today, not sure if that was the heat or the air.  Either way I got back just after 8:00 and set out to water the vegetables.

It was at that point I noticed the overturned table and the umbrella clear across the yard and on top of plants.  It broke one of the pea stakes and a bloom off of one of the succulents but that was all of the damage.  There were some crazy Santa Ana winds today but being indoors I only knew because one of my vendors had no phone or internet for hours.  Guess that’s what took out the umbrella and table in the yard.

So after watering and having a little dinner Its 9:00.  I am starting work early tomorrow, trying to get a list of current tenets in our new building together before an 8:30 meeting.

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