Sorting things out

We spent Saturday sorting and grouping items up at the house in Calimesa.  We are getting prepared for an eventual estate sale and are clearing out the house so we can paint and put down new flooring.  Although we were not as productive as last weekend,  we got a later start and then left for home earlier then we did last week.  We were just kind of worn out, it has been a very hard week and long month in general.  We have gotten to a spot in this project that we are sorting and categorizing.

We decided to not go back up today as our own house and lives need a little attention.  It was a very slow start to the morning.  The first time I woke up was about 6:30 and although that is usually when I would get up but I went back to bed and slept for several more hours.  After breakfast we headed out to run a few errands.  While out we picked a few strawberry starts, another hose and then groceries.

After making turkey taco’s for an early dinner I pulled out this newest hose and watered the front garden.  We have tried several hoses.  The first one was 100 feet long and supposedly kink resistant.  It was way too long for the front yard, it was not kink resistant at all and there was so much hose I was always fighting with it.  We ended up moving that hose to the back yard and buying a 50 foot hose that was a different brand and again supposed to be kink resistant.  Well that one was to short, it wouldn’t reach to the far corner and I could only water with a sprinkler that was not efficient at all.  We wont even talk about the permanent kinks in this kink free hose.

Today we bought a 75 foot all rubber hose from Sears after doing some research.  I pulled the entire length out and fought all the kinking from being packaged.  I was able to reach the far corner of the garden and got everything watered.  I did fight with it kinking and closing off the water until I got it all un-wound.  I drug the 50 footer into the back yard and by the time I got the 75 feet gathered back up and into the bowl we keep it in I hands were completely black from the rubber hose.

No we have a 100 ft and a 50 ft hose in the back yard, overkill.   I am just hoping this new one works and that after some use the kinking stops.  What hose do you use?  Does it work?



One Response to “Sorting things out”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I hate my hoses. They’re heavy and they kink. Last year I tried those lightweight expander ones and they were junk–leaked from day one. I have no good advice to give–only sympathy. 🙂

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