Just a little wind

Tonight when I went out to water the garden, I found that today’s crazy  wind had picked up this umbrella and moved it across the yard.  It was not open, in fact it was laying closed on the ground where I left it after pulling it out of the garden last week; last week it had been set up and the wind flew it across the yard.

Its hot.  You probably already know this.  Today it rained ashes all over the parking lot at work.  I had left my window down a couple of inches as it was 100 today and when I opened the door there were ashes all over my dash and flew out of the truck like there was a spilled ashtray.

The wind is so dangerous with this heat, any small brush fire and the wind moves it across highways or neighborhoods.   Expecting to drop 20 degrees by the weekend.  Shoooooweeeeee.

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