The “most” of today at the gym

Today, just as I was leaving work, my boss rushing into a meeting says “we have to talk tomorrow about changing your hours.”  So I drove to the gym wondering what the change will be, how will that effect this new gym habit I trying to build.  If I have to go into work earlier then I will leave earlier and there would be no difference in the gym routine.  If I have to go in later (more likely) and I get off later, I will not be ahead of the after work crowd.  Could I still go, yes, would I?  There would also be the option of going in the morning, hmmm.   Guess until I find out none of this matters so I will just wait and see.  This was the ‘most’ over analyzed subject of the day, all of that happening on the way to and at they gym.

The most bizarre or rather saddest sight of the day was seeing a girl put padding in her sports bra before heading to the floor.

The most annoying sight at the gym was the 20 minute selfie photo shoot on different pieces of equipment.  She never did a set on anything but seemed to always be exactly in my way even though I changed directions three times.



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