poof, the weekend is over

They seem to go so fast.  It could be that half the weekend is being spent at what we are now referring to as the “Desert House” in Calimesa.  We left pretty early in the morning to stop by Home Depot on the way and get some respirators to tackle a shed that had previously pretty rat infested.  I spent the entire day scrubbing one and a half bathrooms while Lori, her friend Jan and the neighbor up there Doug cleared out the sheds and ran it all to the dump.  By the time we drove home there is barely energy to shower before getting to bed in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Sunday then starts slow, sleeping in until gasp 8:00 a.m.  I was up a bit before Lori but just sat on the couch staring into space for a bit.  Once she was up I made breakfast and then spent a lovely fabulous hour on the phone with Katherine catching up.  We then headed out to buy a sofa.

We had been looking for and comparing them for a while.  We decided on one from World Market and headed to Whittier to see if they had one.  They did, just one besides the floor model so we felt pretty lucky.  We also picked up a couple of pillows to tie in with the ones we already had.

We got the two pieces loaded in my truck and tied down.  Got them home.  Cleared out the living room, moved the ‘borrowed’ loveseat we have been using for a couple of years into the kitchen until we can return it and set up our new couch.  We added all the pillows, the new ones and the ones we had on the floor and it looks great  Of course then we moved some of them off and spread out.  Its pretty awesome to have a piece of furniture that not just one of us can spread out on but we both can at the same time.  It will also double as a place for my sister to sleep if she comes and visits.

We have a pretty small house and seating has been at a minimum.  This definitely takes up more room but we are able to both work at the same time.  The way we have it set up the table can be super close to Lori’s side and further away on mine as I was always pushing the table away and she was always pulling it closer.

By the time we were done setting it up and I was done staging it to take photos, it was time to make dinner, Lori corrected papers and the weekend is over.

No laundry or grocery shopping or weeding in the garden were done.  So besides working and the gym, it will be a very busy week to catch up so we can head up to work in the desert house again come Saturday.

photo(297) photo(295) photo(298) photo(299)

3 Responses to “poof, the weekend is over”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Ooh, jealous of the new sofa. I want something bigger in my living room, but just don’t have the room for it. Looks great!

  2. Viv Says:

    Your sister? What about me? 😉 Looks great!

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