Day one done

A three day weekend, so very exciting. Today was a day working at the mountain home.

We are at a point that we work and work at trying to organize and although we know progress is being made it’s hard to see.

I finished cleaning the bathrooms and replaced toilet seats. Then a lot of gathering books and moving them to one place. Moving linens to one place. Moving a portion of the kitchen stuff.

By the time we left I knew a lot had been done, but it was kind of hard to tell by looking.

We are still prepping for a giant yard sale. But that or any of the major repairs can’t take place until Lori meets with the attorney. Once we know where everything stands the goal will be to sell the belongings. Partially to get rid of them and partially to make money to pay for the repairs like paint and new flooring. We have a reasonable goal of January to be able to get tenants in and start making the money back we are putting in.

Tomorrow we work on our own house. It has been neglected.

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