Two of three

Day two of our relaxing three-day weekend was spent not doing enough in our own garden.  The plan was to weed and water and possibly hire some guys from Home Depot to help us dig up the parking strips in front of the house.

We want to fill the parking strip in with the same pea gravel we are using in the back yard except near the driveways we plan on laying bricks.  Well the bricks we are buying have been when I find them cheap on craigslist and although we had about 100 stacked up but I haven’t looked in a while.  We decided to dig out the first corner ourselves and lay down brick in that corner.

This would give us a start to the project and some information for moving forward.  First how long taking out about an eighth of the grass would take and how much yard waste we would from that section.  We went to home depot and got the sand we would need to lay down the brick.  Then came back and dug out the grass and because this part will need a good half to inch of sand we had to pull out quite a bit of dirt as well.  We ended up with a full yard waste bin and about three wheel barrows of dirt.  That part only took an hour and a half.  We headed back to home depot now that we had a better idea of what we needed intent on pricing what this might cost us.

Of course we talked ourselves out of it prior to even getting there and decided to just do the whole thing ourselves, in parts like usual.  We got lunch instead, then came back and laid down the bricks in the corner by the driveway.

The project is far from done, in fact it just really started.  But it at least looks like we have a  goal with this parking strip.  Now not much weeding happened in the rest of the yard and by the time we finished this we were both over heated and little sun burnt and called it a day.  I will head out after the sun goes down some and water the veggies and then will tackle the rest tomorrow on the last day of our low-key-relaxing-three-day-weekend.

photo(300) photo 1(4)photo 2(4) photo(301)photo(302) photo(303)


2 Responses to “Two of three”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Wow, that triangle looks great. I, of course, speak from experience having done a bit of brick work.

  2. Not the SOP | V-Lo's View Says:

    […] On my way home I stopped and bought brick pavers to fill in the easement project we started on a whim last week because the neighbor had hired someone who was taking out their grass with a bobcat and Lori took the opportunity to hire them to remove the grass. She said I had a “look” when I saw them over there…..hmmmmph, I don’t know about that; I did say “now that’s the way to do it” because this was the last bit of digging we needed to do and we were sick of it.  Well Technically we started this over Memorial day weekend. […]

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