3 days is the way to go

Day three!  I might as well finish this mini weekend series before I head to bed.  Three day weekends are great.  Today I got the laundry done and we went grocery shopping.  I made a pot roast which was a questionable choice based on the very warm day and I had the oven going.  We spent the cooler part of the day running errands but we did manage to get some weeding done.

By the end of day three I am feeling like I actually had a weekend.  I head back to work in the morning and have to say this is the most “rested” I have felt in a bit.  We shall see how quick that dissipates this week.  My co-worker is back from vacation so I should be able to get more done this week!



One Response to “3 days is the way to go”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Plus, you only have 4 days instead of 5.

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