When my neurosis takes over

Today a work lunch was put on my calendar for Friday.  We have a “birthday” celebration every few months for those in the office with birthday’s happening during that time.  We had one in March and the restaurant picked was Roadhouse Grill.  I was able to find a non-wheat non-beef lunch.

However this coming week the restaurant is Home Town Buffet.  I don’t even know where to start with this.  I don’t eat at buffets, I have issues lets just leave it at that.  I would go into these issues with buffets but I really can’t elaborate because I am working on putting them out of my head to get through Friday.

So far I have contemplated “being too busy” and asking if I can skip it.  I of course would be the only person in our team of fourteen not there.  I thought about eating my usual apple, carrots, almond butter, olives lunch at my desk and then not eating anything at lunch.  Of course I think you pay per person when you walk in…..that just seems complicated and I would so stand out.  (The other neurosis is hating to stand out or be the center of attention)

Right now the strategy I am working on is to go for the healthy things like raw veggies and things people avoid when they are presented with all you can eat maccaroni and cheese, fried chicken and prime rib available.   No sauces or dressings or anything that could have wheat and just push the veggies around the plate if I can’t manage to eat them.

And yes, I realize how ridiculous I sound.


2 Responses to “When my neurosis takes over”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Have you looked them up? Maybe they have a limited “to order” menu? I get the buffet issues that aren’t dependent on what the food is (not elaborating because the visual…ew). But if you can get past those at all, they usually have a green salad option that most of America avoids. Not terribly appealing, but not sure what else you can do. I will say this, however: one of the long-touted benefits of getting past the 50 mark is not giving a bleep what others think. You have the right to take care of yourself, and to try to do it in the most unobtrusive way but still, above all, take care of yourself and let others deal with it.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Also, I think it would be fair to go with everyone and, at the door, say that you have food allergies and don’t plan to eat, but could you just buy an ice tea (or whatever). What restaurant is going to say no to that?

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