Adoption and Auctions

We headed up to the desert house yesterday, we had someone meeting us to adopt Sadie.  They had come by and met her last week and were waiting to make a decision.  Lori drove up on Tuesday and took Sadie to the vet for a check up and shots.  After she got a clean bill of health they emailed that they wanted her.  Bitter sweat as we have gotten quite attached to her but with our schedules and home it just doesn’t work and it would be so unfair.

We ran a load of laundry to wash her blankets and I walked her to the vet and back to get records.  It was sad to see her go but I know Lori found a good home for her.  This woman actually knew Sadie before we did.  She was Lori’s mom’s financial advisor and one of the first things she asked Lori about when her mom died was the dogs.

All of that to say we found her a good home and are both happy and sad about it.

We then cleaned and boxed up more china.  I was photographing the pieces, the patterns and the markings on the bottoms.  We have three full sets boxed up, another set to go, also about twenty random tea cups and saucers.

IMG_1373 IMG_1526 IMG_1538 IMG_1387

There have been lots of conversations about what exactly to do with the china.  Yard sale, eBay, appraiser, consignment, swap meet….Lori found an antique auction house up in Redlands that has an auction every couple of weeks.  We went to a very nice dinner, and then to watch the live auction to see what it was like.

It is like the movies and nothing like the movies all at the same time.  There were several sets of china sold in the antique section and then another set sold in the “modern” section.  The Auction started at about 5:30, the preview had started at noon but we didn’t know that and were not bidding so it was fine that we got there when we did.  I got a handout of descriptions for the 317 items that they auctioned off.  I started writing down what things went for just so we had a starting point of prices.

We still don’t know exactly what we will do, however we are collecting lots of great ideas, information and leads.  Lori emailed the auction house as they do both full estates and single pieces.  We will know more soon how it all works and will probably go to the auction on the 21st to see more and cause it was fun!


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