Little Buggers

Another entry in the “it’s always something” file…in fact I am surprised I don’t have a blog category for all of the “somethings.”

While sitting at her desk at my house Della had a carpenter ant fall on her head.  Go ahead with a  collective “eeeeewwwww”   Then my brother found one in his bathroom.  Not little sugar ants but wood eating, house damaging carpenter ants.  Della then took the initiative to call out a service to go through the house and give me an estimate.

There were several others ants that were seen before he even got there.  After a full inspection they gave me a quote for the fumigation and a monthly spraying for one year on the outside to make sure they don’t come back.  When I spoke to him on the phone there does not appear to be any damage so the timing is good.  It could be that when I had Dale spray the shed for these lovely’s they started branching out in search of food.


This service will include any other pests like bee hives and hornet nests.

While in the crawl space they found one dead rat and lots of droppings.  So they will be pulling out the vapor barrier (that needed to be replaced for a couple of years now) all of the droppings, replacing all of the vapor barrier, replacing all of the insulation around the ducts and tossing all that is under there as it could have rat urine in it.  They will also be cleaning out all of the air ducts, replacing the furnace filter, placing rat traps under the house and around the exterior along with blocking any entry points into the crawl space.

So Della and Dale are busy pulling book shelves and furniture away from the walls.  The fumigation will happen on Wednesday and includes the storage and pool sheds.  The under the house work will then be scheduled later in the week.  Della and Dale have to be gone for four hours on Wednesday, Spyder on the other hand has to be gone for twelve.

I am not a fan of purposely putting poison in my house….however I can’t really have it eaten by carpenter ants now can I.  Good thing I have great credit!


2 Responses to “Little Buggers”

  1. Della Says:

    Crawl space is scheduled for the same day now, it should all be done by Wednesday evening!

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