Say What A Week

When I logged in I thought for sure one of the dozen blogs I’ve written in my head in the last week would be here, but they were not here….

It doesn’t feel like I’ve been too busy to blog but I guess perhaps I have.

The days are full, work, gym, yard and home care and any time in between filled with hot flashes.

Work has been hard.  Not the actual work, I am getting that down, but the atmosphere.  I just hit five months and there is a lot to be thankful for.  For instance, I just hit five months!  I may not know every sign or standard for every one of our sites, but I am figuring out the questions to ask.

Everyone is busy, over busy and behind in their deliverables.  It’s a small staff and so much of what we are doing is dependent upon each other and that makes it difficult when so many jobs are behind.

I got a co-worker in trouble last Friday.  Certainly not on purpose but I had asked for elevation drawings so I could see the soffit measurements so I could map out and plan out some signage.  Well the plan I received I could not figure out the height.  So I asked my boss for help.  What I didn’t know was my co-worker had already been talked to regarding checking drawings before sending them out.  He not only sent me the wrong plan, he had misnamed it as well.

Monday when I came in the drawings I needed were rolled up and in my chair.  He said to me later “I wish you had come to me first.”  I didn’t bother to defend myself and just said, yea me too.  This is the same employee I have been waiting for evacuation drawings for another site for several weeks so I can install all new signage.

It is not a completely comfortable work place.  One of the managers is Eeyore.  His behavior is so unprofessional, he complains openly regarding our boss.  He also can’t seem to remember anything regarding his projects or the status of them.

I am responsible for a massive spreadsheet that has all of our construction projects on it.  Everyone is responsible for different parts.  I have to work out the message schedules and order signs.  This includes all of the ADA signs required, directionals, monument signs outdoors.  I also have to send the floor plan and AutoCad drawings to the art vendor and get quotes for art.  Then there is the arranging installation for all the signs and art.  One co-worker orders all of the furniture and flooring.  Also janitorial, landscape, bugler and pest control contracts.  Another all the locks and burglar alarms, and it goes on and on.

I need to glean all of the updates from the emails I am cc’d on.  I pass the spreadsheet out, ask for updates and get them from a few but others never fill it out, email me updates, no verbal updates, nothing.  Needless to say, these are the parts of the jobs that keep falling through.  One entire construction project is delayed because the chiller for the building was not ordered, that put so many pieces of the job behind and pushed the go live date.

There isn’t a lot of “visiting” at work, I sit close enough to my co-worker to hand her things.  We say good morning and which maintenance workers are in which trucks, I tell her if I’m running out to a site to install or photograph and she tells me if she is running to Admin.  Other than that we are noses down all day.

The gym afterwork or my run and pulling weeds at the end of the day has been taking up my blogging time because my brain doesn’t want to think of anymore words.

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