Lovely Evening

We had a Skype date planned with Tonya Briana at 6:30 tonight, so instead of going to the gym after work I swung by the grocery store and then came home and grilled some veggie kabobs and turkey patty’s for dinner.  We bought a grill last Sunday at a great fathers day special.  It really helps to not heat up the kitchen in the evening.

It was still pretty early so early we sat down to dinner outside, at 6:00 it was cooler outside then in the house.  Lori went back to yard work, she had been working all afternoon and it is looking great.  A friend of hers dropped off some Aloes she took out of her yard so she was planting those.  A little centering to put some work into our own yard since we have been spending the weekends for a couple months at the desert house.

photo(309) photo(308)

I decided to heat up the house anyway by baking a peach-blueberry pie.  We have friends down from San Jose who will be over tomorrow evening and I will be grilling a salmon.  But I made the pie tonight for dessert tomorrow, technically the pie was already planned as its Lori’s birthday pie.

It was just such a relaxing evening not rushing to the gym then home then, then, then, then.  We have been so very busy it was just nice to actually relax one evening, even just a little.

photo(307) photo(306) photo(310)


One Response to “Lovely Evening”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Ohhh, I think I added calories just looking at that delicious pie! Happy Birthday pie is the best!

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