Summer officially started this weekend, the calendar even said so.

CAM00251We were in the triple digits up in Calimesa working on Saturday. While we were working away I got a text from Della, the girls were down to spend the weekend and were in the pool.  Boy did it look refreshing as we were sweating away taking things out to the shed as we sorted and boxed them.  But we did get a lot done before leaving for the auction to watch the process and people again.  It was a different crowd and definitely different items.  They had a lot from a toy collector as there were tons of antique fire tricks and trains.  It was good to see a whole different outcome and there were some beautiful pieces that went for far less than they were worth because the bidders were just not there.

Sunday after breakfast out on the patio, we hung out in our yard for the day.  Lori pulled out all of the ripe tomatoes from the middle of the plant.  There was so much foliage it was hard to see them all.  I had picked a handful a few days ago and we had already eaten those.  With the yellow pear, the cherry tomato and one roma plant I don’t think I will be purchasing a tomato for the rest of the Summer even though it just technically just started.

I really should have taken a photo of the yellow pear plant, it is currently taller than me.





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