Family / Project week

What a week, we are home now, over heating and exhausted.

We headed North with lots of plans for projects and visiting.  As usual things get sidelined but we were still able to get a lot accomplished.

IMG_6888We were not able to stain the deck or paint the house.  We ended up with far more family at the house then we first planned so those things had to be put on hold.  My niece, her partner and their son flew in from Philadelphia.  It just wasn’t feasible to not have the deck available or that much going on with a two-year old running around.  I did pick up the stain for the deck, Della and Dale will be tackling that once everyone has left.

We ended up having a four day BBQ but were still able to get some other projects done around the house.  One of the things we did was take down a fence that was no longer needed.  We reused some of the fence panels to build a new planter for the fig tree that had completely outgrown the whiskey barrel it had been in.  I am sure the poor thing will go into shock after it took a sledge-hammer to get it out of the barrel.

We also took out a diseased nectarine tree and trimmed up a bunch of other trees that needed some trimming.

Luckily Dale and Della have taken such good care we were able to do some fun projects and not spend the entire trip catching up on things.


photo(317) photo(316) photo(315) photo(314)

Besides these projects and family we also did get in bit of visiting.  We had dinner with Tonya and Briana, we had coffee with Linda and I went over and saw John.  I was also able to visit with Katherine but not in the fun carefree way we had planned as she had to have surgery on Monday and so most of our time together was visiting in the hospital.  The entire family was in town except Turaeza and the kids and I had two great nephews there and one was only 3 months old.  The weather cooperated for some swimming, lots of bar-b-queing and mostly hanging around on the deck.

IMG_7711 IMG_0122 IMG_0078 IMG_4502

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! That looks great! Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

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