Lucky me!

My sister has a few jobs lining up so soon the progress in the yard will certainly slow.  However I am feeling quite blessed that Della and Dale are keeping the house in good repair.

Dale who just got home from seeing his dad for the weekend, a weekly trip he has been making for a month now, was still able to get the pool cleaned before heading off to work.

Della worked on pruning up the Lilac that was being overtaken by suckers.

CAM00386 CAM00393 CAM00394

I also sorta love just how brown the grass is.  I wish LA could embrace the brown grass and quit watering every single day.  I am so glad we are putting in the succulents and water wise gardens.  Except for the vegetable garden bed we are able to water about every 14 days in this heat.


2 Responses to “Lucky me!”

  1. Della Says:

    Funny, I never even thought to water the grass. It’s summer, the grass gets brown and then gets green again in the fall. That’s just how it is right? Right? 🙂

  2. Flo Says:

    Yes the drought resistance plant are a great help. Less garden work and they look great.

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