Cucumbers and Cheesecakes

It has been a very busy week. Work has been crazy and stressful and the rest of the week has been quite packed.

photo(325)The garden is growing like crazy. I can’t keep up with the tomatoes and have made cucumber salad or had an entire cucumber in my lunch every day. The frig is full and there are lots more in the garden. I am not even going to discuss the tomatoes, well except to say I’m ready to pull them out and start over as they are taller than me and there are so many that are unreachable they are starting to go bad.

The house/project keeps moving along. We took a huge box of dog gear to the no-kill shelter in exchange for a donation receipt. They were thrilled. We then took 5 boxes of books to the library and 11 more to another library. The offsite storage unit is down to 6 boxes of books and one broken bookshelf. We will have it cleared out this weekend so we can turn the unit back and.

We also cleaned out the van and vacuumed it.  Lori is still working on getting the cars into her name but we thought for a day that Dale might be flying down to drive it back up.  His car is caput.  He took it in for tires and possibly brakes and it was deemed un-road worthy and they wouldn’t let him drive it off the lot.  He had to have triple-A tow it back to the house.  After quite a bit of back and forth he obtained a truck up in Canada where he is visiting his dad every week.

Lori has taken a few loads to the auction house and just yesterday a load of square dancing dresses, men’s western shirts and 40 some odd ties to the local theater group.

Sunday was an errand kind of day, we fit in Costco, Michael’s so I could pick up cake boards, Ross for a birthday preset, Target, Sprouts grocery and Trader Joes.  Then later in the day I made a couple cheesecakes, one for a tester in our gas oven and another for a co-worker who was paying for it.

The work week started and it seems like I have hardly blinked and it is half over.

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