Rounding Up; Rounding Down

Blogging in itself is easy enough, all theory.  My blog is basically an on-line journal. And by journal I don’t mean anything with any depth what-so-ever.  I learned early on when I was called out and told just how wrong I was.  Wrong for my own opinion.  There were no facts involved to argue, just my P.O.V. which was shot right down.  I don’t think that particular blog stayed up long, I was much thinner skinned seven years ago when this view started.

However my shallow, non-edgy, commentary continues.  Since moving, this has become more of a place to keep my friends and family updated on what I am up to.  The down side of that is and always has been I don’t hear from many people.  Since they know what is going on with me there is a feeling “we are all caught up”   Sometimes it feels a little isolating.  I don’t have any friends here….well except for those I absconded from Lori.  But the place where I tend to make friends (work) I will not be making any friends there.   In fact I’m not even out there and it is both weird and limiting.  Someone recently asked “Does your husband work for us too”  To which I just replied no.  The conversation ended right there.

I realize it’s a two-way street.  I don’t make the calls either.  In our digital world and everyone’s busy schedules, I get tweets and blog comments and emails.  I may think to call and then realize, oh they are a blog subscriber, they already know all that I have to say and then I don’t call.   Seriously, you want to hear about my cucumbers on the phone if you’ve already suffered through the blog…I think not.

With that happy note, here is what is going on:

Yard, front:  Its been a year since it’s all been planted and boy oh boy id it grow more that we thought.  It takes very little water.  Once a month or so this Summer.   It does need some pruning and thinning and general up keep but in the evenings it is sweltering in the front yard until the sun goes down….well then there is no light obviously.

Yard, back:  The garden is growing crazy amounts of cucumbers and I am eating them as fast as possible.  I said no to them at first but was having such trouble getting the lettuce or spinach to come up because of the heat I settled on one single plant that right now would fill the 64 gallon yard waste bin if I were to just pull it.  The rest of the yard is coming along slowly.  We added some gravel last night and Lori has been cutting back and cleaning up a huge cactus plant.  We are going to put it all back in along the back fence.

Desert house:  Yard sale is scheduled for this coming weekend.   There was some hope that someone who called after the ad ran would drive up last weekend and buy the whole lot.  Good thing we weren’t holding our breath for that.  We finished cleaning out the rental storage unit and took six more cases of books to the local library.  One of the cars is 99 percent sold as well.  Lori’s friends drove it off to be checked out and it is a 2003 but only has 20K miles so it shouldn’t have too much to fix.  Working in the heat this last weekend to price all of the stuff for the yard sale I was not doing very well, I think I had a bit of heat stroke and was quite dizzy.  I drank plenty of water, in fact I felt ill from all the water but boy was I light headed and not feeling well.  This weekend during the sale its expected to be 103 again.

Job:  It pays the bills.  It is challenging and dysfunctional…….yep, sounds like every job everywhere.  Nothing more to add.

Mountain home:  My sister and brother both continue to take care of the place and it takes that worry off my plate.  They were pressure washing and staining the deck this weekend.  Della went back to an old job last week and made it three and a half days before deciding the great money wasn’t worth the over three hours on the road every day.  She now has another gig lined up that started today for half the money but only 15 minutes away from the house and that doesn’t include any freeway what-so-ever.   Dale has a new truck which has a long story behind it.   He is driving to Canada each week to visit his dad in hospice.  It is wearing him out as he has been making this 7 hour drive each way for well over a month.

Vistors:  Viv is coming next month for a few days!

What is going on with you?


One Response to “Rounding Up; Rounding Down”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Totally guilty of not calling enough. I think of it, and you, all the time. What’s going on with me? Hot flashes interrupting sleep. Crazy work even crazier to prepare for sabbatical. Household demands overwhelming (you know this). First normal poop since the surgery (yay!) (still want to know what’s going on with me?). Psyching myself up for rehearsal to start next week. Anxious about that. Missing my bestie. Love you. Will call soon.

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