Non-Sale day

So Sunday we were up early again and back at the house before 8:00 am.  Not soon after we started to gather our thoughts for the day we had the first car waiting outside.  I went out to tell them we were not selling and it turns out they bought a rotisserie the day before and wanted to look for the handles that went with it.

So as they are looking around the table and shed of kitchen stuff another women walked in.  I told her we were not selling today and she mentioned the “yard sale” sign on the corner.  So as I walked down to remove two missed signs she started looking around.  The next three people who came up I told sorry we are not selling, just packaging up the rest for donation.

It was hard to get started packing with the woman going through stuff and making a pile so I drove around looking for boxes.  I could not find any and by the time I got back she had been there about an hour and was negotiating prices with Lori.  Sixty more dollars in sales and she was gone.

The neighbors helped to hang a tarp in front of the tables to block the view from the street.  I moved the yarn out to near the gate for the people who were coming to pick it up.  Then Doug took the $60 Lori had made that morning and drove to Home Depot and bought a couple of packs of boxes.

The two people came for the yarn and brought their small children and although everything was next to the street they wondered around and started going through things anyway.  I had to take a drill away from the diaper clad toddler and Lori had to get ice for the other boy who ran right into a table with his head.

More people showed up and I kept telling them no and trying to pack around the ones who were still looking through stuff.  I was feeling so very bitchy.  I should have just invited them in because they came in any way and I at least would have felt like I had some sort of control.

The froot loop of a woman who bought a refrigerator showed up and finished paying for it.  She brought her sister and they wanted to look around.  I told her no and that I would help her load the fridge…..except she had a small car and would have to come back later in the afternoon for the fridge.  They just wanted to shop, I told her nope and they left.  I think she had told her sister about the sale from the day before.

We went to lunch about 2:00 and still had so very much to box up.  I was hot and sweaty so very cranky.  While at lunch Lori got a phone call from a very convincing young man who couldn’t come to the yard sale the day before and wanted to meet us to go through the stuff.  She said no he gave her another line, she said no, he then told her his friend called from the sale Saturday and told him there was so much stuff and so many people it was impossible to see it all, again no that she was tapped out, again the sales pitch, and then she said give us a half an hour to get back.

I was back to packing up the rest of the craft shed and in walks a couple, I told them so sorry we are not selling anything today.   It seems they have a business nearby and had their own yard sale the day before and heard about our sale.  The young man (who was on his way) had told them he was coming by and that we weren’t really selling but I guess they have some yard sale rivalry going on so they showed up first to try to beat him to the punch.

Lori was polite and talking to them while they looked around.  I was bitchy and passive aggressive packing things as they set them back down right next to them.  When I realized I was the only one who was trying to stick to the decision we had made the previous day and I was so tired of being the bad guy and sending everyone away so instead I joked with the young man that he was lucky he had called Lori as I was the bad guy sending everyone away and then helped him find things and I sold him all the rest of the costume jewelery and then help him load up his truck.

We got rid of more of the stuff and Lori made a few hundred more bucks.  In between all of that, the four of us, Deb and Doug the neighbors along with Lori and I boxed up cases and cases of stuff to donate.  We have a couple piles of stuff for the dump.  We have a bags and bags of linens for the women’s shelter and maybe thirty cases of stuff packed for Goodwill.

By the time we were done and leaving there we had outworked the previous day by 5 hours.  Because there were crazy amounts of rain up in the mountains and the roads were crazy it took an extra hour to get home.  We then stopped for dinner as neither of us were in the mood to cook.

We still have work to do, packing and donating but soon the fun part starts.  The painting and flooring and repair work, the stuff we like to do even thought it is still two hours each way.


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