Demo Days

Lori has friends that live in Huntington beach.  Daniel has spent nearly a year working 100 miles away from home.  He leaves Monday morning and has been living in a shared living situation during the week and returning on Friday to his wife and two small girls.  All of this to say that there are not a lot of jobs out there for an archeologist, so one has to go where the jobs are.  Out desert house is only twenty miles from his work and when the living situation he had went south, they asked if he could stay up there while he still worked on the reservation.

The timing was pretty awesome.  After last weeks yard sale we have had way too much attention at the house.  People driving by, pulling in wanting to “unload” the rest of our items.  Lori took fifty boxes to the Salvation Army, Women’s Center and Library this week.  There is still a little to get rid of but people keep coming by and asking.

We went up this weekend to start on removing the carpet and getting the house ready for Daniel to stay in during the week, our low-end security plan.  We took the dining room set to the Salvation Army and Doug our hero of a neighbor took two loads of stuff to the dump.

We started on Saturday by removing the remaining bed from the bedroom and pulling out all of the carpet, pad and tack board from the bedroom.  We then cleaned the room and vacuumed the bed and got it back together.  We cleaned the adjacent bathroom and then pulled all the carpet in the next bedroom and all the way down the hall.

Since we still had a new shower head to install and so much more we wanted to do we went back up on today (Sunday).  We left the house before 6:00 a.m. and stopped at home depot on our way.  We were back to tearing out carpet just after 8:00 in the morning.

We had a goal to get out of there by 3:00 so we could get home and have a few hours before the weekend ended.  Lori finished up the bathroom and I started cutting up the carpet in the living room.  We rolled and tied it, rolled and tied the carpet pad and stacked it all outside.  I worked on pulling staples from the padding while Lori tore out all of the tack board.

We “fixed” up the place as much as possible with our little bits of furniture we had left.  A sleeping space, a sitting space and a dining space.  Not too shabby and certainly not extravegant.

The day flew we did leave just after 3:00 but I watched the clock for the last 90 minutes trying to will it to slow down.  This part is so much more in our wheel house.

photo(326) photo(328)

We have one room of carpet left.  Next up an electrician because half the house is without power and a plumber just to check a few things.  There is some damage to the floor when we pulled up the carpet.  It looks pretty old and could be from the laundry room or perhaps the bar sink but before we start painting and putting in flooring we want to address anything that could possible have some demolition involved.

I am excited for next weekend, besides the fact that this work is fun we have an air conditioner there and I didn’t even realize how hot it was until we went to leave…..and got home of course and started up all the fans cause daaaamn.

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  1. Vivian Says:

    What? No a/c???

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