The prepping for painting and flooring takes so much time and energy.  I’m sure it’s not as much work as the actual painting but the prepping for it takes quite a while and although satisfying not nearly as much as once we get paint on walls.

Last week we removed most of the carpet and when Lori had to be back up during the week to meet a plumber she got the carpet and pad out of the last room.

Speaking of plumber, he checked everything, re-strapped down the hot water heater and said he would come back and install new toilets after we lay the flooring down.  We also had an electrician out who re-wired a bad switch and fixed the breaker so now the whole house has power.  There was one section that had been out for months.

This weekend we took all of the baseboards out, well 98% of them.  The one behind the refrigerator and the washing machine are still there.  We will take those out when we remove the flooring.  We also removed all of the curtain hardware, we didn’t patch the holes from it yet but we did get it all out of the house.

Lori scrubbed walls, starting at the front door and working all the way around the living room, down the hall, around the bedrooms and bathrooms and back down the hall to the laundry room.  She did think she was quite clever when she told me there was molding in the closet and then hid in there waiting to scare me.  I came down the hall with beverages instead of the hammer and chisel I had been carrying around all day.

I went into the laundry room looking for her, calling for her and then back out and down the hall.  It’s a pretty big house and I thought maybe she was outside.  But she couldn’t stop the laughter any more.  She was hiding in the closet waiting to scare me but I foiled it by not going in for the moulding but instead bringing her water.

That did not stop her from laughing about the “possible trickery”  in fact reading this tomorrow on her phone I’m sure she will be laughing.

We are plugging through the prep work and making progress, it is slow but we will soon be doing the repairing and painting.


photo(329) photo(330)





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