Vivian flew in on Wednesday afternoon.  I worked half a day and then drove to the Ontario airport to pick her up.  The Ontario airport is an airport that is about 45 minutes from the house if there is zero traffic.  Um, there is never zero traffic.  Her flight was due in at 3:00 so I left work about noon, and then left home at 1:30 to give myself enough time.

By the time we got home from Ontario it was well into dinner time.  Lori was at school so Viv and I had dinner and went grocery shopping.  Then Thursday we went to the beach and tooled around but I’m not a very good tour guide here yet.  Today Lori didn’t have class so she played tour guide.  We all went out to breakfast, then to the Aquarium and then we all ended up in a movie and then out to dinner.

I’m not sure whats on tap yet for tomorrow and Viv’s flight out is at 6:00am on Sunday so we will be leaving the house about 4:00a.m.

photo(333)  photo(334)

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