Painting take one

photo(338)The painting has begun.  We manged to get 90% of the popcorn ceiling painted with a first coat (hopefully only coat.)

We left our house Saturday at 6:00am and had to stop to get some supplies and we bought five gallons of the trim color we have chosen, we got this in flat for the ceiling.  By they time we got to the house it was after 9:00 and almost 100 degrees.  We turned on the air conditioner and started prepping.  We go all the built-ins, counters and furniture (there is not much) covered in plastic.

Everyone is telling us to spray the ceiling that it would be best.  But we rolled it as a first attempt.  We bought these special segmented rollers and followed the instructions we found which was to use a heavy coat, go one direction with one pass and do not back track.  We got the hallway, two bedrooms, livingroom, dining room and most of the last bedroom done.

We had to go buy another 5 gallons at about 3pm and we got probably half way through it before running out of light and energy.  We may have to do another coat, we may end up spraying anyway but we got started and put in a full day.  We also put all of our gear on a cart we had in the garage.   We can move the paint gear and the tools from room to room as we need them and get them our of our way when we are painting.  This alone will make this process so much easier which was already proven as we moved everything out-of-the-way to paint but within an hour we were moving it again as it was exactly where we were then painting (this was all pre-cart.)

Today was the first full day of football for the season.  Lori was up at 6:00 in the morning already working on this weeks lectures.  I got up shortly after and spent a good part of the day watching football and re-arranging bedroom furniture.  We switched the bedroom and the office and everything was moved and vacuumed and dusted.  We don’t have an air conditioner in this house and the 95 degrees, the exertion from moving furniture and may damn hot flashes made for a very sweaty day.  Once all the furniture and books were moved and the rooms put back together I took an ice-cold shower and watched the last game of the day.


One Response to “Painting take one”

  1. Linda Middlebrooks Says:

    Makes me tired (and glad we don’t have 100 degree temps here! Also makes me kind of inspired / guilty to get something cleaned here. Maybe start with one little room!
    Have a good week. I am sure your office is air conditioned — just hope you don’t have to get out a lot going between buildings, etc.

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