The thing about running is it seems so unpredictable.  Saturday morning I headed out for a run at 6:00 in the morning.  Wanting to get a run in before we left for a school event and then up to Calimesa to paint.

The run was fabulous.  Effortless if that’s even possible.  I ran for 45 straight minutes, passing the house and looping back around a few blocks because I still had more time and my muscles and energy were all high.

Sunday I left for a long run, the deal would be I was heading up toward my work and would stop at Starbucks and Lori would come get me and tea.  That was I could just keep running without the turning around and doubling back.

Except I could barely run a half mile.  I just had nothing.  I kept trying, walk, run, walk walk walk, run, walk.  I got the Starbucks and hit the five-mile mark and Lori came and got me.

Twenty seven hours or so between runs and one felt like I was sailing and the other I felt like a fraud.  I didn’t run on Monday thinking it would be a good rest day.  Instead I watered the garden and went grocery shopping.

Unfortunately today I had an install at the hospital today and was training.  I spent seven hours on my feet and in heals.  The only time I sat down was on my half hour lunch break and then once I got back to the office thirty minutes before heading home.

I had to run.  Even a maintenance run which may be a term I made up.  It’s the minimum run, a thirty minute can be fit in anytime do excuses acceptable run.  I ran around the neighborhood for exactly thirty minutes.  Mostly happy that I did it with my sore feet than anything else.

The first fifteen minutes felt like Sunday, the second fifteen minutes felt like Saturday.

Hoping tomorrow better and that in less than four weeks the marathon feels like the effortless run I had this last Saturday, but for you know four and a half times as long.

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